Jill Grunewald and Dr. Elizabeth Naylor present...

9 Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make When Reversing Alopecia

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This is a free, no-fluff workshop...

It's for anyone suffering from hair loss, whether it’s total, patchy, or diffuse/androgenic (although not all diffuse loss is androgenic) and whether you’re new to a holistic/whole body approach or you’ve previously taken part in the full Reversing Alopecia mastercourse. And yes, we'll discuss post-covid loss.

(Please know that we don’t claim to help men with pattern baldness.)

In this free 3-hour class with Q&A, we’re going to cover the 9 biggest mistakes people make when trying to get their hair back.

We love this Ted Ed video that says, “While balding may look permanent, scientific investigation has revealed the opposite. Below the skin’s surface, the roots that give rise to our hair actually remain alive.”

Contrary to what you’ve likely been told, your hair follicles aren’t dead. They’re waiting for the right signal.

We know how to get at root causes (no pun intended) of hair loss and help you send your follicles the right signals. (One possible exception is for those with scarring/cicatricial alopecia, but we’re not convinced there’s nothing you can do for this condition.)

The workshop will be recorded, but we hope you can make it in person.

You’ll walk away with steps you can start taking now to help foster follicle health. Because that’s where it all starts: follicle health.

What You'll Learn

Regardless of the loss pattern, hair loss takes a considerable emotional toll. You don’t have to “live with it.” There’s another way.

In this free workshop, we'll discuss things like:

  • The role of “stress” and how it’s not all or nothing. In other words, telling someone with hair loss “you’re just stressed” is unhelpful—and additionally stressful. You don’t have to be a zen master to regrow your hair.
  • How some of the drugs prescribed for hair loss can be harmful in the long run. Read: they can cause more loss.
  • How healing isn’t in the bottom of a pill bottle. Or an herbal tincture. While supplements can be very helpful, oversupplementation can be just as damaging as no supplementation at all.
  • Why most labs tell us nothing about the root causes of hair loss.
  • Most patchy alopecia is thought to be autoimmune in nature, but this doesn’t tell the whole story for most of us. Not even close.

While not everyone has experienced post-covid loss, again, we’re going to cover this, both in this workshop and further in the subsequent 10-part Reversing Alopecia mastercourse that starts on April 27. It’s such…a thing. I (Jill) had it, as did Dr. Elizabeth, and...the horror. And yes, it can overlap with patchy loss.

It’s often referred to as post-covid acute telogen effluvium, but there’s a lot more to the story here.

Additionally, there are a lot of considerations—and strategies—for post-covid loss that overlap with what it takes to reverse other patterns of alopecia, like patchy or otherwise diffuse. It’s nice when things work together like that.

We’ve already gotten feedback about how people are thrilled that we’re covering this topic. As Julia said, “I haven’t had covid, but if I ever do get it, I want to know what to do to avoid shedding like a mutha.”

Is this workshop for you?

If you're looking for a quick fix, we don't have one to offer you. If you're interested in a whole-body approach to hair growth, please join us.

Have you tried everything?

We’d never claim to be all things to everyone, but most of our clients have “tried everything.” If you feel that you’re at the end of your rope, please take part in the workshop and get a sense of our teaching style. Again, you won’t leave this class empty-handed—we’ll share with you some things that can get you started in the right direction right away. And we’ll leave some time for Q&A.

Are you ready for action?

It’s going to be dense and again, you’ll leave with some to-dos. For those who want to go deeper (much deeper), the full 10-part Reversing Alopecia mastercourse starts the following Wednesday. Yes, it’s a tight turnaround.

Ready to invest the time?

Maybe you want to just participate in the free workshop, which is great. We ask that you show up ready, present, and focused. You’ll get the most out of the workshop if you join us LIVE and if you eliminate distractions as much as possible.

Next steps

The workshop won’t be “marketing and promotional hour,” but yes, at the end of the class, we’ll discuss what it looks like to take part on the full, 10-part RA intensive.

Who's Teaching This Workshop?

As many of you know, I (Jill) have suffered from alopecia—off and on—for 40 years. In my early 40s, I started to develop alopecia ophiasis—no hair above my ears and at the nape of my neck—and was having trouble seeing any regrowth for an agonizing 2-plus years. After digging for the “why,” all of that grew in thick and curly. These “whys” are what we want to teach you.

Yes, I’ve had a setback the last couple of years—some spots in 2020 that grew back, then some new spots late last year that are currently in regrowth, then some post-covid diffuse loss. All is stable now and in the workshop, I’ll show you my new WHITE growth in all its glory.

After teaching the Reversing Alopecia mastercourse for 4 years, I’m not teaching the workshop (or this year’s mastercourse) solo this year—my amazing co-coach, Dr. Elizabeth Naylor is joining me. She took the RA course (twice, actually), has dug deeply into my materials and process, and said it’s the level of a doctoral thesis. We’ve been working together for several months now and in fact, she’s currently working with her own private alopecia clients.

Will you join us?

At the end of the day, the medical community has shoved questionable, ineffective, and de-generative (vs. REgenerative) topical treatments at people for too long. Or immunosuppressants. (Don’t even get me started on those.)

There's another way. Please let us help you leverage what I’ve learned in both my personal journey as well as having worked with the alopecia community for the last several years.

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