Reversing alopecia is possible. It’s an inside job.

Let's spend the next year together. ⏱

The journey can not only help you regrow hair, but it can transform your health—and your life.

Why? Because we're healing from the inside.

The year-long Reversing Alopecia Roadmap

With the new Reversing Alopecia Roadmap, I want to support you longer
than what my prior 10-week Reversing Alopecia mastercourse
allowed—to really “track” with you 
for a whole year. 

The educational modules are recorded and you can listen on your own time, but unlike
some online programs, this isn’t a “set it and forget it” program.

I'm engaging with you with 1:1, private coaching and semi-regular support calls.
And Intensive participants will receive
private chat support. I'm not launching the
modules and turning my attention away—I'm in it for you to win it.

There's not another program out there like this.

I've been there...

For over 9 years, I've been helping alopecia clients from around the world. 

“There was more preparation, explanation, and resource

information than some graduate level classes I’ve been in.”

Nancy, 2022 Reversing Alopecia mastercourse participant

Have you “tried everything?”
So have most of my clients and prior course participants.

I've seen what works. And what works is consistent sequencing and support over time.

In the Reversing Alopecia Roadmap, which is 22 modules of education, I'll share with you the exact same strategies that I've used to go from 50% bald to getting my thick curls back and also the information that I’ve used to help my private coaching clients and Reversing Alopecia mastercourse participants.

I had to employ some of these same approaches to bounce back from setbacks the last couple of years, including massive post-covid diffuse loss. I have 100% growth on all my spots, my diffuse came to a screeching halt in January of 2022, and my hair has thickened up considerably.

Someone recently referred to my hair as “a shag carpet.”

So yes, for those who need it, I'm “going there” with post-covid loss, as it goes beyond “post-covid acute telogen effluvium.” As some of you have experienced, post-covid loss isn't always can lead to some bald spots.

Please know:

  • There’s no one answer—no one-size-fits-all approach to reversing hair loss.
  • There’s no silver bullet or magic wand.
  • If you want this, you have to take the long view. (As Seth Godin says, "In the long run, education pays off.")
  • Growth takes time. Results won’t happen overnight. Or next week. As one of my prior RA participants said, "We cannot measure success by the number of new hairs since last week." (Be sure to read the FAQs at the end of this page.)
  • Alopecia isn't always strictly an autoimmune condition. Among several other imbalances that I'll cover in the year-long course, there's almost always a hormonal component, even for those with autoimmune hair loss and especially for those with androgenic alopecia.  
  • Things aren’t perfect for some of my clients and course participants, but most are overjoyed with their success—some have gone from a wig to no wig and others have seen the majority of their spots fill in. And they've experienced tremendous, life-altering improvements with other aspects of their health.

As I learned the hard way, alopecia is multi-factorial. There are just as many considerations in reversing alopecia as there are forms of alopecia (areata, diffusa, totalis, universalis, etc. and…post-covid loss). 

You can choose your level of engagement:

The Reversing Alopecia Roadmap Core

  • Twenty-two (22) educational video modules, including the same materials, handouts, and guides that my live Reversing Alopecia mastercourse participants received and the same "roadmap" (and guides) that I share with my private coaching clients. Lifetime access. (Value: $2700)
  • Four (4) 50-minute private coaching sessions, to be used within one year of enrollment. This is NOT a DIY course—we’ll have 1:1 coaching sessions (at a pace that feels right for you) that will include personalized Q&A and individualized support. (Value: $2100)
  • My Master Alopecia Labs Guide
  • My Master Alopecia Supplements Guide
  • New information about clinical applications for alopecia
  • The ability to submit a question privately via a form in my client portal. (Value: $700)
  • Lifetime access to my direct to consumer, discounted lab testing service (See FAQs for details.)
  • Lifetime access to my professional grade supplement dispensary, U.S. only (If you're in Canada or Europe, let me know and I'll set you up with one of my colleagues for dispensary access.)

True value: $5500
2-payment plan available

IMPORTANT: Use the coupon code INFULL for the pay in full price of $3995.

Enroll in The Roadmap

The Reversing Alopecia Roadmap Intensive

  • Everything in the Core Roadmap PLUS...    
  • One year (48 weeks) of private chat support with me where we really dig in and I engage with your process and progress and track with you closely (Value: $12,000)
  • DUTCH lab testing (extensive, comprehensive hormonal panel) (Value: $400)
  • A private coaching call to review your DUTCH panel (Value: $525)
  • GI Map testing including zonulin (extensive, comprehensive digestive health panel)
    (Value: $525)
  • A private coaching call to review your GI Map (Value: $525)
  • An additional 50-minute private coaching call to discuss fine-tuning your journey (Value: $525) [Including the four (4) coaching calls included in the Core program and the two (2) coaching calls to review labs, this is a total of seven (7) private coaching sessions, to be used within one year of enrollment]
  • Three books of your choice (I can make recommendations on some of my favorites.)
    (Value: Approx. $90)

True value: $21,790
2-payment plan available

IMPORTANT: Use the coupon code
INFULL for the pay in full price of $6995.

And hey...

If you'd like to schedule a private, 1:1 consultation to
determine whether one of these Roadmap options or an
individualized coaching program is right for you, click the link
below to schedule a conversation. If you end up working with
me, the cost of the Jumpstart session would be credited back
to you, no matter what path you choose.

Schedule a 1:1 Jumpstart Session


I've got A's for your Q's

Is lab testing required?

No. You don’t need new labs to participate or benefit from the course, but I do highly recommend it. Everyone will receive my Master Alopecia Labs Guide that includes recommended blood work as well as specialty tests such as the DUTCH and GI Map. (DUTCH and GI Map are included for Intensive participants.)

What is the nature of chat support?

For Intensive participants, the private direct chat function within my client portal for substantive support over the duration of the course.  

What are the next steps if I want more support in the course?

I'm offering individual sessions for all Roadmap participants. Intensive participants will receive a 25% discount.

How do I access the lab testing you recommend?

I'm pleased to offer access to a discounted, direct-to-consumer labs option for blood work, DUTCH, and GI Map testing. In the U.S., this testing is widely available except in the states of NY, NJ, and RI. Internationally, the specialty test kits such as DUTCH and GI Map are available. Any tests involving a blood draw require a visit to your local health service.

I’m a healthcare practitioner. Can I use your materials with my clients?

Please know that this is strictly disallowed. The Reversing Alopecia Roadmap materials are protected by federal copyright laws. We invite you to be in integrity and to respect me, me business, and my work. Trust that that there’s a whole lot about alopecia and running a course like this that you don’t know if you haven’t dug into it deeply and been trained.

Is there a refund policy?

Because this is a digital series and you get immediate access to recordings and downloadable content, there are no refunds on The Reversing Alopecia Roadmap.

Will you join me?

Let's dig in for a year.

I'm committed to your success.